The Speech Information Technology&Industry Promotion Center(SiTEC) was established at Wonkwang University in 2001 with the aid of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy to promote speech information technology and support the industry.

The SiTEC is doing various types of works such as dissemination of information, training, etc. as well as creation and distribution of speech corpora which are needed in the industry and the academia.

The staff members of the SiTEC make every effort to promote the field of industry and boosting the technology to the world level.

Car01Car Speech Corpus 1100 Speakers, 145 words
Carnoise01Car Noise Corpus270 types of environments
Car02Car Speech Corpus 2400 speakers, 206~207 words
Car03Car Speech Corpus 3400 speakers, 207 words
Car04Car Speech Corpus 4400 speakers, 294 words
Car05Car Speech Corpus 5300 speakers, 80 sentences
Simul Car01Simulated Speech Corpus in Car Environment 18 channels, 520 speakers, 417~418 words
Simul Car02Simulated Speech Corpus in Car Environment 28 channels, 1,500 speakers, 198 words
CarSpkr01Speech Corpus for In-car Speaker Verification5 sessions with time gap, 30 speakers, 220 words, 5 sentences(6 sessions)
Chinese01Chinese Speech Corpus 1(Mandarin)300 speakers, 235~236 words
Chinese02Chinese Speech Corpus 2(Mandarin)300 speakers, 100 sentences, 150 words
Chinese03Chinese Speech Corpus 3(Mandarin)300 speakers, 150 sentences, 150 words
Chinese04Chinese Speech Corpus 4(Mandarin)100 speakers, 250 words
Chinese05Chinese Speech Corpus 5(Cantonese)500 speakers, highly frequent words, commands, monosyllabic morphemes(one character), personal names, telephone numbers
English01English Speech Corpus 1400 speakers, 140~142 words
English02English Speech Corpus 2400 speakers, 295~296 words, 12~13 sentences
Spanish01Spanish Speech Corpus300 speakers, 120~123 words
Japanese01Japanese Speech Corpus300 speakers, 300 words(place names, personal names, other words)
StandMic01Speech Corpus for Speech Recognition Assessment2 channels 300 speakers 150 words, 54 sentences
Noisy01High Noise Speech Corpus100 speakers, 4 channels, 226 words, 5 sentences
VariMic01Microphone Performance Test Speech Corpus70 speakers, 452 words
VariDist01Different Distance Microphone Speech Corpus70 speakers, 452 words
Distance01Remote Environment Speech Corpus250 speakers, Type1 : 452 PBWs ; Type2 : 100 other words
Distance01Remote Environment Speech Corpus250 speakers, robot simulation recording ; robot errand, TV guide, remote call
Dict01Read Sentence Speech Corpus 120,800 sentences, 400 speakers, 104~105 sentences
Dict02Read Sentence Speech Corpus 1400 speakers, 105~107 sentences
CleanSent01Read Clean Sentence Speech Corpus20,000 sentences, 200 speakers, 105~107 sentences
CleanWordPRW Speech Corpus4,100 PRWs, 500 speakers, 417 words
Elder01Speech Corpus of Elderly Persons 1100 speakers, 90~92 words, 5 sentences
Elder02Speech Corpus of Elderly Persons 2200 speakers, 90~92 words, 5 sentences
Elder03Speech Corpus of Elderly Persons 3200 speakers, 52~54 words
Kids01PC Environment Children's Speech Corpus500 speakers, 100 words
Emotion01Emotional Speech Corpus6 players, 5 types of emotions, 10 sentences
TelNum01Digit Telephone Speech Corpus500 speakers, 100 words
Num01PC Environment Digit Speech Corpus500 speakers, 100 words
SynthMale01Read Sentence Speech Corpus for Synthesis1 Male announcer, 4,392 sentences
SynthFemale01Read Sentence Speech Corpus for Synthesis1 Female announcer, 4,392 sentences
Embedded01Embedded Speech Corpus352 speakers, 107~108 words
Address01Korean Address Corpus300 speakers, 140 addresses
Multimodal01Multimodal Speech Corpus100 speakers, age : 20~30
K-SECKorean Speakers' Korean and English300 speakers, 150 words, 150 sentences
C-English 01Chinese Speakers' English200 speakers, 160 words
F-Korean 01Foreign Speakers; Korean200 speakers, 88 words, 30 sentences
J-English 01Japanese Speakers' English200 speakers, 160 words

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